“The Secret Ingredient to my Secret Ingredient Soup is…” 

I believe in a natural, intuitive approach to image capture. The most essential component of my work is having a true connection to my subject and creating an atmosphere that inspires authentic moments.

A truly great headshot is so much more than a picture of your face.  I believe it can capture the most beautiful and unique aspects of who you are at your core… which, (along with being the most rad gift you have to give to the world) also happens to be your greatest and most valuable ASSET.  

In a world where everyone is trying to “be like” so-and-so or “look like” such-and-such…  I believe the truest way to stand out is to be completely, and uniquely YOU.  

Simply put – my job is to bear witness to who you really are – and help you translate that into a marketable image that will resonate with those in a position to hire you. 


Because after all, what truly makes you stand out in an industry full of people trying to “be something” is actually just you… being… YOU.  You’re not always going to be the right person for the part, or the job, or whatever the case may be…  but if you are clear on who you are, and your value in this world – the roles and jobs that ARE right for you will be yours for the taking! 

And on that note – I leave you with an excerpt from one of the world’s wisest and most cherished manuscripts…  

(A screenplay called Kung Fu Panda.  You might have heard of it.)

Mr. Ping: The secret ingredient to my secret ingredient soup is… nothing!

Po: Huh?

Mr. Ping: You heard me. Nothing! There is no secret ingredient.

Po: Wait, wait...it's just plain old noodle soup? You don't add some kind of special sauce or something?

Mr. Ping: Don't have to. To make something special you just have to believe it's special.

[Po looks at the scroll again, and sees his REFLECTION in it]

Po: There is no secret ingredient...

And there ya have it folks.  YOU, are all the secret ingredient you need.  

I look forward to capturing what you got!!  


~Marisa Quintanilla



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About the Photographer


Marisa is a phenomenal headshot photographer, and I’ve worked with many.  Professional, flexible, creative, clever, and amazing at putting anybody at ease.  Also, affordable!  My reps loved her work. Bottom line: If you want great shots, and a great, comfortable time while doing them, Marisa is the way to go."

~ Jamie Elman [Mad Men, House M.D., Rizzoli & Isles]

"I had a terrific experience getting new headshots with Marisa.  They turned out really well, representing a variety of looks and roles I’m right for.  But also important, I had a really fun time shooting with her! She has a great eye and is very relaxed.  I love the way she works, changing up locations and finding the perfect natural light.  It just keeps the pictures fresh and helped me personally feel more relaxed.  If you shoot with her, know that you are in excellent hands!" 

~ Molly Kidder [Grey’s Anatomy]

"Marisa's eye for detail is remarkable, I am lucky to have shot with her twice and the preparation for her shoots were second to none. This left ample space and time to play and move with inspiration when the time came to shoot. Beautiful photos both in studio and on location and such a comfortable safe environment created. Thank you."

~ Judi Shekoni [Principal: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 & 2, Series Regular: Heroes Reborn (NBC), Ice (Audience Network)]

More About Marisa

Marisa Quintanilla has been a professional in the entertainment industry for over 10 years – as a photographer, a producer, and a working actress.  Throughout her time in the industry she has worked alongside some of the industry’s top agents, managers, directors, casting directors, and PR professionals – experience that has given her a unique insider’s perspective to shooting effective headshots for actors, models, and business professionals.

Her role as “Huilen” in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 allowed her to experience the Hollywood publicity machine first hand – an experience she learned can be quite overwhelming for actors new to the PR game.  Lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the industry’s best – she leveraged the knowledge she gleaned on the Twilight circuit and established the Branding + PR Strategy leg of the Marisa Q Photography business.

Since then, Marisa has been a guest speaker specializing in Actor Branding at The National Association of Latino Independent Producers Actor Summit, at classes run by esteemed casting director Dan Velez of Dream Big Casting, and on various industry panels at film festivals and acting classes across the nation. 

Clients of Marisa Q Photography, Branding & PR Strategy have also continued on with great success in the industry – signing with some of the industry’s top agents and managers, as well as booking starring roles on major television series like Grey’s Anatomy, General Hospital, Mad Men and more.  Commercial clients can been seen in national campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like IKEA, McDonalds, & Target – and in Print Ads for brands like Tilly’s, Bose, and Ford to name a few. 

Currently based in the peaceful hills of Topanga Canyon, the Marisa Q Photography studio is air conditioned and bathed in beautiful natural light - providing a zen-like experience for her clients. Marisa has also lived and worked professionally in New York - as well as been commissioned for work across the U.S., Europe, and Mexico.  She loves to travel, is a dedicated yogi, and thrives by helping others follow their bliss. To find out more about Marisa's artistic journey, connect with her on Instagram and Twitter.  

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QUESTIONS about how to prepare for your upcoming session? No worries - you will get a Prep Sheet PDF along with personal wardrobe recommendations from Marisa via email once your session date has been scheduled.  

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